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Our Municipal and Public Law attorneys represent public sector clients on a variety of levels including serving as City Attorneys for two cities, serving as special counsel for numerous other cities and representing special local districts including a fire district, a water district and a community services district. Our areas of expertise include drafting and implementation of zoning and land use regulations; enforcement of municipal codes; negotiating and drafting joint powers agreements; negotiating and documenting formal bidding and informal solicitation for governmental procurements, as well as professional service contracts with architects, engineers, financial advisors and other consultants and providing advice with all aspects of the public construction contract process. As a result of our long standing involvement in the public sector, we are well versed in a broad range of municipal issues that agency officials face, including open meeting laws (the Brown Act); conflicts of interest and economic disclosure (the Political Reform Act), public access to information (the Public Records Act); competitive bidding and procurement of goods and services (the California Public Contract Code); and litigation against governmental agencies (the California Torts Claims Act and writs of mandate).

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